Why we consider the leather butterfly chair as the Messi of argentinian design?

big bkf messi butterfly chair messi messi butterfly chair messi of the design

The BKF is considered one of the pieces of the most prominent modernist industrial design and distributed the last half century, and is without a doubt, the Argentine design product most known worldwide. It's impact, both in the design and pop culture, lies in it's clear synthesis, achieving universal and timeless qualities. 

Argentina is one of the most passionate countries when it comes to soccer, isn't just a sport for Argentinians, it's a part of our daily life, in fact it's the only way of life beside jobs and school. When there's a match here (especially during world cup), the country pauses, it really takes a halt. It connects our history, our life, and we are all united. Soccer is Argentina.

Messi and butterfly chair are 100% Argentinian

Messi is the romantic throwback, a Romeo whose Juliet is a leather ball, our butterfly chair frame is Romeo whose Big BKF leather sling is Juliet.

The style of play for Messi and our butterfly chair is identical. They both dribble with extreme pace and a very low centre of gravity; they both possess extreme dribbling skills with the ability to keep a great balance.

The butterfly chair possesses independence because it can stand on its own and still meld with other furniture without blending in. Wherever Messi plays, weaves his magic with a smile on his face and joy in his heart.

The BKF represents not only the design to come, also the design criteria characteristic of Argentina: constructive synthesis, functional freedom and current form. Messi showed a new way to play soccer and exceeded all records, keeping on mind something really important, a great profession and personal balance. 

The leather butterfly chair is consider one of the best furniture design in the world, Messi, for us, is considered the best argentinian player ever.

It's creators, architects Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari Hardoy never imagined the global impact that this chair would have, to the point of becoming a “cult object". Messi's parents had never imagined his global impact as well.