How to Assemble our Big BKF leather chairs


1) Butterfly chair:

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2) Butterfly chair Ottoman

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3) Pampa dining chair

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How to assemble our Big BKF leather butterfly chair:

BIG BKF Buenos Aires offers a simple assembly process so it can be used in just minutes. Each piece of the frame has a color sticker, so all you need to connect each color with the other piece of the same color.  Since each color is a unique pair of pieces, assembly is fast and easy.

Once you've assembled the frame in 3 easy steps you can attach the leather cover to the frame and start enjoying your new Big BKF!

These four design pieces can be put together in just three simple steps, all of which will be quicker and more enjoyable (trust us) if you grab a buddy and a glass of wine. So find the nicest person you know, the best wine you have on hand, and follow the step-by-step video guide above:


 Big BKF iron frame pieces


Step 1:


Separate the 4 pieces and lay them on the floor as shown in the drawing above.  It is important to identify at this point where the rubber anti-slip pieces are (they are located at points L, K, H and G) as these pieces are going to touch the floor, they are the 4 feet of the chair. 

Something key to identifying where each of the 4 pieces go are the nuts, which should always be facing towards the inside of the chair, the heads of the bolts facing outwards. By identifying this we can’t mistake the location of each of the parts.

Please follow the order of assembling to get a perfect fit.  Open the pieces as in the drawing above (back piece + left side piece) and join point A with J, making sure to fully insert the piece to the bottom of the joint.  Next connect point C with L.

Maybe you can ask your buddy to hold the tallest back piece in a spread out “x” (see below) and do the connections of the top back left corner (A + J). Next, have your friend keep a firm grip on that corner while you connect the bottom back left corner (C + L). Put your friend’s foot on the bottom corner to hold that in place.




Step 2:


Now we take the right side piece and join point B with E and afterwards point D with G.  Do not forget to follow the order because the fit is exact. 

Almost done!

Step 3:


It’s time to connect the last piece, the front piece.  First join point M with F and then point O with H.  Now without fear use a little force to join point N with I and finally point P with K. 

ALL DONE! Place the leather cover on the chair and enjoy a nice glass of wine.


Note: Each frame has been previously tested to assure perfect fit.  For this reason, you might see small scratches inside the connections, but they will be hidden when the assembly is completed. And in regards to it possibly not sitting flat, sometimes if the joint connections aren't in 100%, it will be a tiny bit shaky, but once you use it a bit and the joints come together fully, it will sit flat. 

Also please note that we only put 4 letters labels on each frame A, B, C and J as once you make these first connections all will be clear on how to continue assembling. 


A -> J

C -> L

B -> E

D -> G

M -> F

O -> H

N -> I

P -> K


Recommendations: The chair was designed to sit in diagonally and resting your head on either of the 2 curved back parts like in the below picture.

Big BKF butterfly chair

For maximum comfort you can purchase our footrest crafted in the same leather tone as your chair.  Just sent us an email to

Big BKF Combo chair + footstool