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Big BKF Palermo army cot crafted using best Argentinian vegetable tanned leather, foldable army cot, easy to carry anywhere.

Our army cot is made out of wood with metal swivel joints and leather. The original army cot was designed by Joseph B. Fenby and patented in the United States in 1881. It was used in military campaigns, where it was ideal because it was designed as a bed and also easy to fold up compactly while still being comfortable.

Our army cot is made by argentinian special wood from the Patagonia called lenga fueguina and high quality polo leather handmade dyed and hides environmentally-friendly vegetable-tanned from Argentina.

The frame wood becomes from a tree that contains special characteristcs in terms of flexibility and lightness, it's a tree from Patagonia that supports more than 200 km/h of wind force. Our artisans hand dyed the frames and we offer them in 3 color variations: Natural, Oak and Wengue (black).

All our leather is 100% vegetable tanned and the surface of the leather is not modified. Vegetable-tanned leather has a limited risk to consumer's health, including allergies and a reduced environmental impact, since it is manufactured with almost no chemical substances. It is one of a few products that is both high quality and environmentally friendly at the same time. Vegetable tanning uses processes which have been passed on for decades from generation to generation of master artisans. We use leather with a thickness of at least 3.2 mm and designed a double border, making the leather stronger, up to 6.4 mm thick.

Since Argentinian cattle spend most of their life roaming the famous pampa grass plains, nature will leave marks and wrinkles, reflecting a natural product made from the best leather in the world, Argentinian.

100% made by hands of argentine artisans.

Foldable ideal to ship anywhere in the world or carry with you on your flight home from Buenos Aires.

Our dimensions:

Army cot open:

71 inches (180 cm) length

27 inches (70 cm) width

14,5 inches (37 cm) height

Folded up and inside carrying tote bag = 40 inches high (102 cm)

Weight of the chair + leather = 7 kg / 15 pounds

MEASUREMENTS: 14,5H x 27"W x 71"L // 37cm H x 70 cm W x 180 cm L

MATERIALS: Argentinian saddle leather + lenga fueguina wood + iron hinges

FRAME COLOR: Natural Haya virgin lenga wood from Patagonia, Argentina.

ORIGIN: Buenos Aires, Argentina

HANDMADE 100% BY OUR EXPERT ARTISANS: Comes with hand-numbered certificate

This army cot comes with an environmental friendly bag that makes it easy to carry on adventures.

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We stand behind the quality of everything we sell. We make every effort to select and sell hand-made products of the highest-grade materials manufactured by highly skilled artisans.
If there is a problem with your order, contact us within three (3) days of receipt via e-mail at bigbkfbuenosaires [!at] If you receive a damaged, defective, or incorrect item, we will work with you to make things right.
As we are in Argentina and the shipping costs are expensive, we do not accept returns but we are more than happy to send a replacement piece instead. Please only purchase our items if you are a serious buyer.

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This price INCLUDES all taxes and tariffs charged by Argentine Customs upon shipping of orders but does NOT INCLUDE any taxes or tariffs that may be charged by the destination country upon arrival of orders. Clients must be aware of the political and customs arrangements in the destination country, where different taxes may apply.

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