New Palermo Tripolina Polo leather folding chair with ottoman
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New Palermo Tripolina Polo leather folding chair with ottoman

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Big BKF® Palermo Tripolina leather folding chair and ottoman is an instantly recognizable piece made by our Designer team fascination with the Tripolina designed by Fenby, originally introduced in 1881, and like all classics has only gotten better with age.

We were looking to design an ottoman that allows you to rest your back and take the pressure off your knees and legs as elevating them allows blood that has pooled to drain away. This lowers the pressure on your veins as well, allowing them to benefit from a much-deserved break. An ottoman can help you relax in a more natural position.

Both pieces are hand-assembled with great attention to detail.

This ottoman can be used also as a side chair.

You can also buy a set with 2 chairs and 1 ottoman that can easily be shared with 2 people as it's bigger than a regular one. You can also purchase a Palermo Tripolina chair or Palermo Tripolina ottoman separately.


Chair 36"H x 28"W x 29"D. Chair seat height 19"

Ottoman 22"H x 23,6"W x 23,6"D. Seat height 21" (center of the cover).

MATERIALS: Argentinian saddle leather + lenga fueguina wood + iron hinges.

LEATHER COVER: 6 color options, from the lightest to the darkest:

Polo Playa natural leather
Polo Antique (light brown)
Polo London (brown best seller)
Polo Malbec (brown & reddish touch)
Polo Habanero (dark chocolate)
Polo Tanguero (black).

1 FRAME COLOR OPTION: Natural light wood, virgin wood with a lacquer on it.

ORIGIN: Handcrafted by Argentine artisans in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tripolina wooden frame with high-quality vegetable tanned leather is used to craft this Polo cover. Same leather used to manufacture Polo boots and saddles. Natural range marks, scars, and wrinkles confirm the authenticity of the leather and enhance the natural beauty of the Polo leather cover.

The Tripolina is a folding chair made out of wood with metal swivel joints and leather. The original chair was invented by the Englishman Joseph B. Fenby and patented in the United States in 1881. It was used in military campaigns, where it was ideal because it was designed as a camping chair of great stability in the sand and also to fold up compactly while still being comfortable.

It was manufactured by the Italian Viganò company in Tripoli, Libya. They stamped the hides with their distinctive oval company logo.

Our Tripolina chair is 100% made by Argentinian special wood from Patagonia called lenga fueguina and high-quality polo leather handmade dyed and hides environmentally-friendly vegetable-tanned from Argentina.

The frame wood becomes from a tree that contains special characteristics in terms of flexibility and lightness, it's a tree from Patagonia that supports more than 200 km/h of wind force.

Collapsible ideal to ship anywhere in the world or carry with you on your flight home from Buenos Aires.