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The Big BKF® Combo Polo leather with Ottoman (both in black iron frame) is an instantly recognizable piece made by our Designer team fascination with the butterfly chair, most specifically the first draws paintings of the architects during the 1930s, were the inspiration for this unique, sculptural dissasemble ottoman. This Big BKF Combo is handcrafted by Argentine artisans in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Available in a variety of leather and color options, from the lightest to the darkest:

Polo Playa (natural)

Polo Antique (light brown)

Polo London (original brown color)

Polo Malbec (brown with a reddish touch) 

Polo Habanero (dark brown)

Polo Tanguero (black)

Polo Fangio (Red Ferrari)

And now also available the combo in ultra-soft sheepskin from Patagonia, specially for a cold winter afternoon, it invites you to relax and watch a movie.

If you need a combo in chrome, copper gold or Stainless Steel frame, please do not hesitate to ask.

Size: 84 (H) x 78 (W) x 78 (D) cm | Ottoman: 48 (H) x 50 (W) 

Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Difference between Polo leather and Vaqueta leather.

Let us explain about the difference between Polo leather and Vaqueta leather. We named Polo to the thickest leather, the most durable (you can pass on for generations) and Vaqueta our thinner leather, 3,2 mm of thickness VS 2 mm. Why Polo? Because it's the same leather used to craft polo boots and saddles. Polo leather needs more time of using to mold and get the body shape. The more you use them, the softer the leather becomes.

When we affirm that our Polo leather covers will last a lifetime, most people can't imagine a product that lasts a lifetime and even improves with age. But, at least with quality leather chairs, this is definitely the case, a result of a combination between 2 main advantages from our Argentinian leather.

1) Grass fed production. Argentina it's one of the larger producers of natural beef and leather in the World. Most of our beef production becomes form the Northwest of Buenos Aires, large extensions of flat lands and the adequate weather enable free-range farming and abundance. Moreover, cows do not require balanced feed, a crucial point in this matter, and consequently, cows provide a fibrous and elastic material which, after being industrialized, becomes a fine grain, flexible, soft, durable and resistant product.

2) Vegetable tanned leather: we use vegetable tannins from the trees located in the north of Argentina, that makes a deliciously scented product with woody and sweet notes.

Another difference are the borders and the stitches. When you see our Vaqueta leather cover is crafted making a rounded border and thin thread (but same strong to support 160 kg). Polo leather cover is made with flat edges and thicker thread, same used for sewing saddles. When we craft the Polo leather cover we make a border of 4 meters long and 3 cm wide that it's stitched and makes the cover even stronger, the result is 6,4 mm edge thickness. 

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