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There are 3 or 4 different frame dimensions around the World, if you have an old frame please check the frame dimensions and we can quickly craft a custom leather cover for your frame.

Just let us know which size do you have: 

butterfly chair frames dimensions

You can order the custom leather cover in Polo leather (329 USD each) or Vaqueta leather (279 USD each).

Difference between Polo leather and Vaqueta leather.

Polo leather is almost double thicker than Vaqueta leather, 3,2 mm of thickness VS 1,8 mm. Polo leather is the same leather used to craft polo boots and saddles. Polo leather needs more time of using to mold and get the body shape. The more you use them, the softer the leather becomes.  

Leather butterfly chair 100% handcrafted. Big BKF Vaqueta leather covers for the classic original butterfly leather chair, same leather used when the architects launched the original chair in 1938. This leather is very soft and quickly adapts to the body shape compared with the Polo London that´s double thicker than this Vaqueta leather, but both are same strong.

We craft custom leather covers for your frame. 

Please look at the picture below to see our Big BKF frame, original dimensions. Just print it and write your frame dimensions and send it to us to

Size: 84 (H) x 78 (W) x 78 (D) cm | Ottoman: 48 (H) x 50 (W) 

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